Kuro Kage XT

Kuro Kage XT


This is an install only shaft and will ship in 5-7 business days.

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This new Series utilizes premium 40 and 46 Ton Carbon Fiber as well as an ultra-long 13 inch application of the TiNi Wire Prepreg in the tip section. This combination delivers a shaft with firmer butt and tip sections, plus lower torque than the original KURO KAGE™ Silver with TiNi Wire. It's our most extreme KURO KAGE™ profile yet.

Made exclusively at our facilities in Tokyo, the KURO KAGE™ XT features two key technologies: Low Resin Content Prepreg and Titanium Nickel (TiNi) Wire. This combination delivers a potent combination of power and accuracy. An extremely stiff tip section provides maximum stability through impact.

The shaft is finished in a rich ION Plating, creating a stunning and sophisticated surface. It's a product with a stout, stiff tip -- a profile that can accommodate players who like to be more aggressive.

Low Resin Content Prepreg (LRC)
Using less resin than in traditional prepreg allows us to create a higher density of carbon fiber, without adding weight. The result is added strength with enhanced feel. 

Titanium Nickel (TiNi) Wire
TiNi wire in the KURO KAGE™ XT is an elastic yet extremely strong wire, with the unique ability to stretch and then immediately regain its original shape. This stretching action allows the shaft to efficiently transfer and unload energy. It also creates extra strength and stability, to reduce shaft deformation at impact. The result is distance with control.

40 and 46 Ton Carbon Fiber
Utilizing prepreg with higher modulus fibers in the tip section further enhances this already tip-stiff profile, adding stability and strength to the shaft without adding weight.