Mitsubishi Diamana R-Series

Mitsubishi Diamana R-Series


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Further innovation and premium performance

Diamana™ R-Series -- has similar impact feel and launch characteristics to the 'ilima™ Series. Its proprietary, 3G Multi Dimensional Interlay (M.D.I.) was also included in the B-Series and W-Series profiles. The R-Series profile is for golfers seeking mid spin and a high launch. High-modulus 80t DIALEAD™ fibers used in the 3G M.D.I. application within the butt section are oriented in the hoop layers, to decrease ovaling in the downswing and transfer energy more efficiently to the ball at impact -- much like the B-Series and W-Series.

Because of its high trajectory and draw bias characteristics, the R-Series is an ideal complement to the popular low center of gravity, low-spin woods.