Custom Built Clubs

We offer a wide variety of club building services.  From grip installation to loft/lie adjustment, to custom ferrules.  We make club repair/club building easy for you.  No more trips down to your local big box store to get low quality work done.  Why not drop your clubs off at UPS and have them show up a few days later at your doorstep?  See below for services offered and pricing.  Please contact us for any questions.

Pricing (per club)

  • Regripping: $3 plus grip cost
  • Reshafting: $22.50 (includes choice of custom ferrule)
  • Loft/Lie Adjustment: $5
  • Length Adjustment: $10
  • Remove Shaft: $10
  • Hotmelting: $35 with access port, $55 without access port
  • Swing Weight Adjustment: $8
  • MOI Matching: $40  - Learn more about MOI matching