Most golfers launch the ball too low and have too much backspin.  A proper driver fitting is necessary to find a shaft that increases your launch and reduces backspin.  The result is more distance.  Chances are, you are leaving valuable yardage on the tee box.  

Center Cut Custom Golf is a full custom golf shop.  We carry over 100 exotic driver shafts in our fitting cart.  While many custom fitters insist on fitting you into a shaft that equates to more profit, we promise to fit you into the driver shaft that works best for you.  Our goal is that you and your friends will be customer for life.  We firmly believe that you will not get a better fitting anywhere in Phoenix.

We use FLIGHTSCOPE technology in order to optimize angle of attack, club head speed, spin and more.  By the end of your fitting, you should be hitting the Center Cut, and we'll have the FlightScope numbers to back it up.