We are the exclusive edel fitter in the phoenix area now offering classic fit putters as well as torque balance

When you line up for a putt, how confident are you in your aim point?  Studies show that 80% of golfers are actually not aimed at the cup, though you'd swear you are.  


Edel Putter Fittings are a three-step process.  The first step is to see how you aim your current putter.  With a mirror placed on your putter, we'll have you line up for a six-foot putt...but instead of aiming at an actual hole, you'll aim at our laser-pointer cup.  When you feel like you are lined up, the ball is moved to allow the laser to reflect off of your putter and back onto a black mat behind the "hole".  Chances are good that your perceived alignment is actually not aimed at the hole.  

Starting to make sense why you miss so many putts?

Now that we know where you naturally aim, we use the Edel fitting system to build a completely customized putter for you.  We will choose from 6 head shapes, 32 hosels, 5 lofts, 35 alignment lines, and the optimal shaft length to find the correct combination for you, and only you.

a putter that marries your perception with reality

Step three of the fitting process is to control your distance.  With your new custom-built demo putter, we'll have you hit a few putts from about 20 feet.  The goal here is to hit three putts in a tight cluster.  Depending on your putting stroke, it may be optimal for you to have counter-weighting in your hands or more head-weight to smooth out your stroke.  The ball will tell the story, and once you can consistently hit putts in tight clusters, we have found your unique putter.  

The last piece is to personalize your new putter with paint and stamping.  Your putter will truly be one-of-a-kind. We did the math, and there are over 3.2 million combinations.  In about an hour, we'll find your unique combination.  

Check out the video below to see how Edel mills their putters from a solid block of metal!